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Hacker Lounge Assistant, Wednesday (2:00pm)

Task: Hang out in the hacker lounge and make sure things run smoothly.

* Hang out and be social.
* Let people know that you are there to answer questions and help.
* Greet people. Help them find the group, project or challenge they are looking to meet up with.
* Let people in/out of the building during after-hours times.
* Be friendly, yet security conscious — be aware of who is attending in the space, particularly in after-hours.
* Review the projects and challenges scheduled for hacker lounge that evening, and get to know what's available to suggest to people. Be available to help groups.
* Encourage groups to advertise what project they're working on (we will have card stock with which people can make signs).
* Help set up supplies if needed, such as stationary, white board markers/erasers, and projector if we have one.
* There may be more than one coordinator on duty at a time. Introduce yourself to each other.
* Check in with the next coordinator as your shift is ending and let them know how things are going.
* Help keep the wiki updated on project/commit/challenge accomplishments.
* Have contact info on hand and get in touch with a core volunteer, Eliot Center personnel or Seamless Wireless if any issues arise.
* Keep the food, beverage and snack table stocked and periodically clean up the space.
* Help ensure that any outside food and drink containers are disposed of when done, and that the food area and entire lounge space are tidied up before the end of the night.

Time: 2:00 PM, Wed, Jun 21, 2017

Length: 2 hrs

Skill Level: Open to All

Venue: Hacker Lounge

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